Whats is Beemot?

Beemot is too great to be defined…

Beemot as adjective: it’s a state of value and worth beyond that of limitation and credibility; (e.g. – The strength of the engine wasn’t simply powerful, it was Beemot!)

Beemot as noun: it’s an object representative of breaking limits and of tremendous amazement and value. (e.g. – my friend outdid himself and bought himself a Beemot! (car, house, boat, business)

Beemot as verb: to unbelievably exceed expectations, to increase the awe of a thing. (e.g. – the artist Beemotted the canvas as he transformed it into a wondrous eye-opener)

“There is better. There is best. And then there is Beemot.”

The eye of the ordinary sees what’s in front of it. The Beemot sees the grandeur beyond and makes it crystallize.

The ear of the ordinary only hears a limited frequency. The Beemot can make harmony out of silence and speaks in symphonies.

The touch of the ordinary feels an objects texture. The Beemot transforms the tactile into a inconceivable comfort.

The mind of the ordinary is limited by its experiences. The Beemot knows no limits and creates roads where others find deadends.

Own a Beemot, be a Beemot, Enter the beyond.