Lifetime Guarantee

Snap a Dent warrants that its professional services are performed to the highest standards of skilled workmanship. Snap a Dent guarantees the dent removal service performed for as long as you own your vehicle.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Why should I choose Snap a Dent PDR (Paintless dent repair)?

Paintless Dent Removal


Traditional Body Paint Repair

  • Maintain your vehicles value
  • No risk of incorrect color matching
  • Vehicle retains original paint
  • No risk of paint over spray on other vehicle areas
  • Same day services in most cases
  • No repainting or body filler needed
  • Usually cheaper than traditional body repair
  • Depreciates your vehicles value
  • Color Mismatch Risk
  • Aftermarket Paint
  • Might Get Over Spray From Other Repairs
  • Can Take Several Days
  • Body Filler Used to Repair
  • More Expensive than PDR

What is “PDR”?

PDR stands for Paintless Dent Removal (or repair). As the name suggests, it’s the process of removing dents, dings or hail damage on your car without the need to repaint.

Although in recent years the market has been flooded with new paintless dent repair professionals, not all technicians can deliver the quality you might expect. More often than not we get called to fix bad repairs. A creased dent, dents on bodylines or on aluminum panels requires special skills that Snap a Dent specializes on.

Needless to say PDR will keep the value of your car and it can be done in as short as 20 minutes depending on the size of the dent.

Lease Return Dent Removal

As you well know excessive wear and tear is the responsibility of the owner. Prior to taking your car back, the leasing company or dealership will inspect your vehicle and will charge you for any necessary repair. The problem is that they usually define dents as auto body repair thus charging you 3 times more, then they call us to remove the dents and pay the regular price.

Paint Facts

Factory paint – It’s baked on at high temperature, around 400°F.

Aftermarket paint – it’s not baked on; if it is, it’s at a much lower temp – 140°F

This makes factory paint much durable and you should always opt to keep original paint when possible.